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Digital Video, 6’17”, Colour, Stereo, Aspect Ratio 4:3
© 1999

Rebus is a video that consists of six short animations, where each one is a reflection over certain diagnoses of disease, involving people in my close personal surroundings. Here, I work with the interplay between pictures and words, where the titles and the pictures each contribute as one piece of the puzzle that is formed in front of the viewer. This is developing totally individually depending on their different knowledge in language, since I’ve chosen the Latin denomination for the names of the diseases because Latin has for many years been the used language within the faculty of medicine. The diseases are of the kind that they for the eye are practically invisible . I want to evoke the spectator’s will to search for the riddle’s answer. If the solution is not the same as my own is mainly unimportant. Creating the will to search is in this way the main purpose.