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Digital Video, 3’00”, Colour, Aspect Ratio 4:3
© 1999

This is rather a slide−show or a change of the picture’s shape than an animated film. Although it’s created in the same technical way it does not have a dramatic ingredient. I have drawn the first picture, basing it mainly on a special photograph that for years has had my attention, where my grandfather and a for me unknown man are friendly tapping eachother’s cheeks. The main purpose with the project is to make the photo come alive, and in that way find out what happened the seconds after the photo was taken.

To make the picture speak for itself, instead of the reversed, I decided to shut my own influence out from the future developement, by changing the person who is tracing, for every new picture. Consequently I asked a second person to trace my drawing and then I asked a third person to trace the second one’s and so on. To use the human error in an unconscious way, it is important not to let the person who is tracing see any other picture than the one that he or she is about to copy. To minimize a planned interference on the developement of the picture and to make it as haphazard like as possible it is very important that there is only one picture made per person. The whispering game is a term that serves well as a simile to this idea. You could also compare the investigation to a chemical chain reaction, where one substance is developing into another, which developes into a third and so on.