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Digital Video, 7’09”, Colour, Stereo, Aspect Ratio 4:3
© 2000

Absolutely Normal is an animation in which two visually identical women represent one person. In seven animations they passively watch or actively perform metaphoric actions, that together symbolize and give a concrete form to a fictive separation of the human mind. The animated parts the video contains has their own titles that work as a support for the spectator without being too obvious, thanks to the phonetic text that has been used. The drawn women use the picture space like a stage where they act out what could be described as a sort of animated performances. To emphasize the triviality about these actions, the performances are done by routine and without any enthusiasm what so ever. The video’s main purpose is to make these negative human behaviours visible, and in a way give the viewer a chance of self-examination and insight. The main title is to remind us about the normality of this behaviour.

Below you can watch an excerpt from “Absolutely Normal”: